A perspective is your opinion on something interesting happening in science (from the past 3 months) in any field you choose. Describe the invention, discovery, or event briefly and discuss its impact and why you think readers should know about it. You should also clearly develop your opinion on the discovery, and why specifically you take that stance. Your perspective should read like a popular science article– accessible to the general public but still detailed. Please provide APA citations for any articles you mention.

Some guidelines:

  • Length: minimum 1 page double-spaced
  • Include a title with only the first word categorized
  • APA citations
  • Accessibility: laypersons should be able to understand your message–watch for jargon and undefined acronyms
  • Perspective should flow smoothly and easily transition between ideas
  • Feel free to use first person
  • Perspective should include information from multiple popular science articles or studies, as well as your own ideas
  • We strongly encourage at least 1 image to be submitted along with your perspective (these should not be scientific figures). If you take images off of a website, remember to cite them accordingly.

Recommended ideas to cover:

  • What the discovery/event is
  • Why it’s important
  • Your point of view on it
  • Potential future implications for science and daily life